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When heading off to your favorite fishing spot in the early morning or evening hours it's a special time.   It is your time ... time to relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind you.  You have on your most comfortable clothes and on the way out the door, you reach for your favorite rod.  Just the sight of which brings a smile to your face.  A custom rod gives you a sense of pride, a feeling of pleasure and a level of performance that cannot be attained from a store bought rod.  When you reach your destination and make that first cast of the day, you know that in your hand is the best of the best.  There are many reasons to choose a custom rod over a store bought manufactured rod.  All rod manufacturers build their rods on the straightest edge of the blank ... not the rod's natural spine.  When a customer walks into a store and looks down a rod all they see is a perfectly straight rod with well aligned guides (they hope).  The spine of the rod is a critical feature for the overall performance and comfort in a rod.  By building a rod on the spine, you achieve maximum strength and casting distance as the rod will flex along its natural curve, and not against it.  Building on the spine will also increase the rod's power and strength many times over.  A rod built off the spine will want to torque to the side while fighting a fish or making a powerful cast.  Torque is created when the rod is flexing against the natural curve and it is trying to get back into position.  This will dramatically decrease casting distance, efficiency and strength while creating an unnecessary strain on the angler's hands, wrists and arms.  Another fatal flaw of most rod manufacturers is to use too few guides or to have them improperly spaced.  Every guide on the rod costs money, not only for the guide itself but also for the time it takes the workers to wrap and finish the guide.  Cutting back on the number of guides makes it very easy for the line to touch the blank while fighting the fish.  A manufactured rod may hold up for a couple of years but a custom rod will give you a GREAT DAY on the lake for many years to come.

A sampling of my Custom Fishing Rods can be seen at  Sugar Creek Marina located on Lake Oconee in Buckhead, Georgia.  For more information on the Marina see www.sugarcreekmarina.com

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